Symfony improvements, from the Quick Tour documentation.

Submitted by piofernandes on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 09:31

In the quick tour, they evidence that the flexibility of Symfony comes from the ability to extend bundles, the bundle inheritance. 

Some of the recommended improvements described in the documentation, to not lose sight, and to follow up upon:

Symfony and HTTP Fundamentals

  • Symfony versus Flat PHP
  • Symfony and HTTP Fundamentals (Projects with sockets??)


  • How to Restrict Route Matching through Conditions
  • How to Create a custom Route Loader
  • How to Visualize And Debug Routes
  • How to Include External Routing Resources
  • How to Pass Extra Information from a Route to a Controller
  • How to Generate Routing URLs in JavaScript
  • How to Match a Route Based on the Host
  • How to Define Optional Placeholders
  • How to Configure a Redirect without a custom Controller
  • Redirect URLs with a Trailing Slash
  • How to Define Route Requirements
  • Looking up Routes from a Database: Symfony CMF DynamicRouter
  • How to Force Routes to Always Use HTTPS or HTTP
  • How to Use Service Container Parameters in your Routes
  • How to Allow a "/" Character in a Route Parameter


  • Extending Action Argument Resolving
  • How to Manually Validate a CSRF Token in a Controller
  • How to Customize Error Pages
  • How to Forward Requests to another Controller
  • How to Define Controllers as Services
  • How to Create a SOAP Web Service in a Symfony Controller
  • How to Upload Files


  • How to Use PHP instead of Twig for Templates
  • How to Access the User, Request, Session & more in Twig via the app Variable
  • How to Dump Debug Information in Twig Templates
  • How to Embed Controllers in a Template
  • How to Escape Output in Templates
  • How to Work with Different Output Formats in Templates
  • How to Inject Variables into all Templates (i.e. global Variables)
  • How to Embed Asynchronous Content with hinclude.js
  • How to Organize Your Twig Templates Using Inheritance
  • How to Use and Register Namespaced Twig Paths
  • How to Override Templates from Third-Party Bundles
  • How to Render a Template without a custom Controller
  • How to Check the Syntax of Your Twig Templates
  • How to Write a custom Twig Extension


  • How to Organize Configuration Files
  • How to Master and Create new Environments
  • How to Set external Parameters in the Service Container
  • Understanding how the Front Controller, Kernel and Environments Work together
  • Building your own Framework with the MicroKernelTrait
  • How To Create Symfony Applications with Multiple Kernels
  • How to Override Symfony's default Directory Structure
  • Using Parameters within a Dependency Injection Class

Other topics

  • Forms
  • Databases and the Doctrine ORM
  • Service Container
  • Security
  • How to Send an Email
  • Logging
  • ...


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